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Purchase aluminum tile trim from China?-It may help you save more than $10000.
Views:  Update Date: Sep 23,2017

[KSL-TRIM]The first shot of electrolytic aluminum environmental protection yield limit has been started! The price of Shanghai aluminum continued to rise more than six years and refresh the record.

At present, LME futures aluminum jumped 1.7% to $ 2,160 each ton, the highest since 2013.

LME futures aluminum 20170922-by KSL.jpg

Shanghai aluminum futures main force short-term rapid rise, up over 3%.

Shanghai aluminum futures 20170922-by KSL.jpg

In A-share market, non-ferrous aluminum rose in the afternoon. Yunnan aluminum shares rose 8%, Shenhuo shares, Zhongfu Industrial and Nanshan Aluminum follow up.


Prior to this, Jiaozuo City Environmental Pollution Prevention Battle of the Leading Group Office issued "emergency notice about further strengthening the control work of air pollution". From September 19, 2017 to March 15, 2018, Jiaozuo Wanfang Aluminum Co., Ltd. and China Aluminum Zhongzhou Aluminum Co., Ltd. get into the winter staggered production in advance, plan to reduce the yield and the pollution 30% more.


Jiaozuo Wanfang take electrolytic bath as standard to calculate the reduction. While Zhongzhou Aluminum take production line.


It is analysed that the 2 +26 region may apply the experience from Jiaozuo recently and launch the more strict production limiting policy than expected. Bulk stock may develop well before the Spring Festival with the influence of production limiting strictly in the winter.


Anxin Qiding nonferrous team analyse and said, Jiaozuo City's staggered production means that the production limitation term is stricter than expectation.It is estimated that the other cities will follow the similar policy in the future. So the prices of aluminum in the fourth quarter are expected to hit a new high.


The original heating season is November to March. Jiaozuo City implement the staggered producing to limit the output from September 19 2017 to March 15 2018. It means that the air pollution of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region is pressed for time and is the hard task. At the same time, it means the production limiting term is stricter than expectation. It is also the first shot of revolutionizing supply, protecting environment and limitating yield for electrolytic aluminium.


It is expected that other cities in the 2 + 26 area also will follow such a super-expected policy, and the effect of implementation will be significant. It will further shrink the supply of electrolytic aluminum, and the prices in Q4 is expected to hit a new high.


Citi analysis said that bulk commodities will be better before the end of the year. China's production capacity shrinking in the winter will have a "substantial impact."

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