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KSL 50km hiking
Views:  Update Date: May 22,2017

Road To Build A Positive Team


In documenting participation on the Foshan 50km hiking.


25thMarch 2017. All the staff of KSL Global was bearing the same goal in mind. KSL, focus on aluminum tile trim, stainless steel tile trim, aluminum stair nosing, aluminum skirting board, aluminum carpet trim, floor transition and tile expansion joint for over 12 years.


Because this is the day we set off to the Lotus Sports Centre to participate the great local event --- the 50km hiking around the city. Everyone in the Crew of KSL was very enthusiastic for what was about to experience.


However, the sky started to shower only minutes after we hit the road. Cold wind mixed with rain drops kept hitting on our faces. Although the weather wasn’t perfect, still our crew members had shown they are fearless to the incoming challenges.


In the end, we finished the whole route. Aside from the beautiful city landscape that we had seen along the way. We also learnt the importance of helping and caring the others.


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