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KSL 121st Canton Fair
Views:  Update Date: May 22,2017


The No. 121st Canton Fair

Phase 1 --- Building and Decorative Materials


The No. 121st Canton Fair Building and Decorative Materials – Phase 1 was held successfully on April 2017 at China Import and Export Complex in Guangzhou. KSL Global Limited had attended the fair and also displayed our 5 main product lines. In the meantime, we had solidified the current partnership with our clients and established connections with many potential buyers.


In this fair, KSL had displayed products from our 5 main product lines including tile trim, floor transition strip, carpet transition strip, skirting board and stair nosing, make in the material of brass, aluminum and stainless steel, which makes KSL the exhibitor with complete product lines cover products for various use. For this reason, we had gained a lot of interests and attentions on KSL Global from visitors during the fair.


On the booth, KSL staff are always enthusiastic and passionate to introduce and communicate with the visitors. Explained our specialities and advantages in full aspect. Most visitors had shown their great interest after the conversations with us and would like to explore the possibility of further cooperation.


Through this trade event, aside from the business deals we had closed, we also make new friends from all around the world via the friendly talks between us. Furthermore, we had broadened our horizon and opened the door of development and opportunity for KSL.


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