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Heavy Duty Stair Nosing Case Studies

Project Specifications

Product Specified: Heavy duty stair nosing

Color Specified: Matt silver

Industrial area, Saudi Diesel, Saudi Arabia




The Problem

Saudi Diesel, a famous company in Saudi Arabia. Frequent workers slipping events, factory facing the big problem, and the Compensation are more expensive than any other cost. The factory survey found that the workers were slipping in the stairs during the delivery of the goods because the stairs were smoother and the edges were broken and the workers were not easily found to cause slippage when the light was low.


The Solution

Heavy duty stair nosing is designed for heavy industrial area, perfect anti-slip and fluorescent design for the factory to solve trouble without worries. This section of the staircase non-slip, durable and better protect the integrity of the stairs, so as to save the cost and time of the factory maintenance; fluorescent design is a major feature, automatically stored in the sun when the time will automatically release the fluorescence, to better remind employees to pay attention to safety operations, greatly reduce the occurrence of staff slipping events, and better improve employee safety awareness; after a period of testing, no people slip on the stair. So, Diesel all stairs are covered with KSL custom luminous anti-slip stair nosing; a year after Diesel gave us feedback with an unprecedented experience.


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