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Individual housing

Aluminum Tile Trim Case Studies

Project Specifications

Product Specified: 8mm Aluminum Tile Trim

Color Specified: Matt Gold

Individual housing, Auckland Region, New Zealand.


The Problem

Recently, more and more young people like to DIY their own house, decorating their own houses need to know more modern building trim materials. The project case is located inAuckland Region, New Zealand. Private house. Owners Alex couple. When decorating the house,Alex faced a big problem, The tile corners are easy to be damaged and way too sharp.Before,his elder son Allen accidentally hit the corner when playing in the room, resulting the injury to his forehead. So, this time the Alex couple intends to put something above the corner of the newly renovated house to prevent the children from getting hurt..


The Solution

KSL aluminum tile trim is used for outdoor and inner tile corner management, it protects the tile edges, avoiding damage of tiles and times saved for tile installation, make the appearance look more elegant, and easy to be clean. More importantly, when wall corner using aluminum tile trim, it will greatly protect children from hurting.

This case has been consulted the views of the Alex couple, so we will tell this case to more people, Using KSL aluminum tile trim, keeping us in relaxation. 


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