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Flooring Aluminum Skirting Board Case Studies

Project Specifications

Product Specified: 80mm Aluminum skirting board

Color Specified: Matt Silver

Apartment, New South Wales, Sydney, Australia



The Problem

New South Wales is located in the temperate zone. The Great Dividing Range in the eastern part of the country has a very large impact on the climate, forming four distinct areas: coastal areas, highlands, west slopes and westward flat villages. Sydney has a mild climate with more than 340 sunny days a year. This season is also very moist, with an average humidity of 65%. In winter (June to August),the average maximum temperature is about 16 ° C. Sydney's rainfall is the highest in March to June.


This location however experiences wet weather conditions that can built in wall more damp and water seepage. In this way, when your apartment mainly in white color, the wall will be Leaving a trace after seepage. This weather is a headache for every new owner of the apartment.


The Solution

KSL Aluminum skirting board, the flooring & wall with no limits. This 100% waterproof flooring & wall was the perfect solution. sustainable and maintenance simply, owner need not worry about scratches, water seepage. White wall matches matt silver aluminum skirting board, which make your house inside more elegant.

KSL Aluminum skirting board is a material with little to none protection against water and humidity.

KSL aluminum skirting board is simple installation. There are 5 accessories for this skirting. One sets accessories including: Internal corner, external corner, connector, left end cap and right end cap. Besides, aluminum skirting board can interchanged easily with little disruption to visitors to the centre. KSL aluminum skirting board is available in both 40mm,60mm, 70mm and 80mm, 100mm options; Fitness First elected to use the 80mm. Matt silver, matt gold, black, white available. Warm welcome to customized.


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