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Aluminum stair nosing
Views:  Update Date: Aug 17,2019

Aluminum stair nosing

Product Description:

This is an  aluminum stair step nosing profile in colors to match your any demands available.

permanently bonded to a sturdy base of extruded aluminum.

As this anti slip stair nosing has a ramp profile,it can be fitted AFTER a floor has been laid,

and can be fitted retrospectively to existing stairs virtually on any stair material for upgrading or 

renovating existing steps.

aluminum tile trim.jpg

It is ideal for lino,vinyl,laminate flooring ,lightweight carpets and carpet tiles,

and has also been designed to meet the need for safety edging where no floor covering is to be installed,

making it ideal for installing over concrete,pavers,stone,timber and other solid surfaces.

The anti slip stair nosing comes with countersunk screw holes,with pips to hide the screw heads.

The countersunk screw holes are evenly spaced from either end of the tread.




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